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Simplicity, the problem with powerpoint which used as a generic word for any presentation software. Maybe it seems counter intuitive, but that is the fact.

Most fellows believe they’ve got the technology controlled in less than an hour. You only pick a background picture, follow the simple advice, type in your material, if you think this is a complete picture of presentation, then you are wrong. It’s far more likely you’ve simply created a script on a screen, destined to suck the air out of the room, anesthetize your audience and make you look like a rank amateur.

To their recognition, the powerpoint presentation software people have tried hard to make it easy for you to get it right. What they’ve failed to do is to explain how an audience responds to a visual aid, because that’s what your powerpoint slides are supposed to be an aid that helps the presenter deliver a message simply, clearly, and convincingly.

The truth is, your audience wants to listen to a real person, to see your enthusiasm, hear your voice, assess your conviction. They do not attend to watch a recitation. If you read, they read. And if they read, they don’t listen to you and you are lose.
Moreover, the more words you put on the screen, the worst your presentation. The more slides number you use, the more confusing your message. The smaller the font, the more goosey you look.

All you need is to design the content, nobody would pretend otherwise. But the content should come out of your mouth not from reading it on the screen. The picture you put behind you, that’s the presentation slide should add, not detract, from your personal delivery. Use the screen to highlight content, not to deliver it. Use it to add power, humor, or insight not to remind you of minutia nobody wants to remember. Indeed, if everything you want to say is on the screen, why waste people’s time asking them to sit still while you read to them? You could have just mailed it.
Think of your presentation slides as a very expensive piece of real estate. You can choose to build low rental housing or mansions. It’s your choice. But it’s the mansions that convey power.

So, how do you get it? How do you harness the power that separates you from your competitors?

Things to consider:
-Relative dark background
-Quite big font with white or bright colour
-Clean slide graphics
-Brief and clear title, not confusing one
-Use fewer slide amount

Things not to consider:
-A lot of text on your slide
-More than 6 words in a line of text
-Scanned documents which hard to read
-Fancy slide show animations or transitions
-Complicated charts or graphs
-Anything smaller than 26 point font
-Text that has not been properly edited

Have you ever think how it will be if you are still using traditional presentation method, the more energy you need, a lot of things you should prepare. But thats only happened if there is no advanced computer technology, then you are lucky, just use presentation software that turning your presentation into a powerful sales tool is a cinch with just a little know how.

Author: Sayid Aksa

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