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Those who focus obsessively on money, frequently fail. Successful entrepreneurs are often driven by the need to solve a problem and to prove they can do it. It is about creating a business, that in itself becomes valuable, and thus creates wealth for its owner.

The millionaire mindset is the complete opposite of the employee mindset, in that you follow your passion, not your pension. There are twelve key elements to the millionaire mindset:

Its about loving what you do. Passion inspires you to do something and do it well. It is only through passion that you can find the resolve and grit to keep at it when times are tough. Your passion for what you do will infect others whose help you need along the way.

Anybody can become a millionaire, as long as they totally believe they can do it and are willing to pay the price. Its about complete and utter faith in your idea and in yourself. Self-belief is essential to overcome self-doubt. Its the ability to carry on against the nay sayers and doubters.

Desire, Drive, Determination
A burning desire to succeed is essential, to dedicate yourself to the single minded pursuit of what you are doing. You have to have the drive and determination to achieve your goals. Its about never giving up, never quitting!

You need the courage to take action, especially to take the first step. Courage allows entrepreneurs to follow their own instincts despite uncertainty, to dare to do it, to go a different way.

Your dreams become your vision, your vision becomes your goals and your goals become your results. Vision gives you a clear target to aim for. It is essential to know where you want to get to, so you can work backwards and work out the necessary steps to get there. Your clear vision will inspire others to help you achieve it.

Focus is the ability not to get distracted, to do only the things that move you towards your vision/goals. Your time and energy are limited. To succeed you need to focus them on a single goal until you achieve it.

Hard Work & Self-discipline
The ability to get things done and to make the necessary sacrifices is a key quality. You have to have the ability to do the things you dont like to do, but that need to be done to achieve success. When you love what you do (passion), hard work is not hard work.

Persistence is very often the only difference between success and failure. It is the ability to keep going, against all the odds, until your goal is achieved. If you are going to give up, you are never going to be a millionaire entrepreneur. There are always other ways, find them!

Your thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophesy. You need optimism to keep yourself and others positive, despite the inevitable setbacks and difficulties. Obstacles are to be climbed over or smashed though, and there is no room for negative thoughts or negative people.

Wisdom & Common Sense
Wisdom is the ability to learn from your mistakes and failures and think with a clear head. Common sense helps to avoid making and repeating mistakes. You need to be able to look logically at the facts and use your experience to make the right decisions.

You need to be open to opportunities and to [/ag]think laterally[/tag]. Carefully choosing the right opportunity, to avoid wasting time on the wrong ones, is essential. Once you identify the right opportunity, grab it, take action and focus.

Risk & Judgment
As an entrepreneur, you have to have the willingness to take risks. With judgment risk can be managed. Entrepreneurs rarely take a flier, its about taking calculated risks; they use the experience and they have control over their risks.

How do you rate on each of these 12 elements of the millionaire mindset? Focus on developing these qualities in yourself, especially the ones you are weaker at. They will serve you well on your journey to becoming a Millionaire Entrepreneur.

Author: Robert Boogaard

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