Be “Above Average.”

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Here’s the key to attracting the people that you want in your life, whether it be personal or business relationships. I’ve summed it up in one sentence:

“Devote yourself to becoming above average”

Become an above average entrepreneur, an above average marketer, an above average business owner.

Your proably asking why would I want to do that? Well let me explain.

If you do this, you will never have to recruit anyone ever again. That’s worth repeating, If you do this, you will never have to recruit anyone ever again. They will just come to you naturally.

The days of hassling friends and family to join your network marketing business are loooong gone. People will want to do whatever it is you’re doing.


Because your above average and you’ll seem like the obvious leader and above average people attract more above average people.

You’ll never again have to keep your downline motivated to generate sales for you and themselves.

The network marketing industry has always told us that this is a business designed for the average person, due to it’s simplicity.

There is a huge problem with this message, because it very subtly tells people that they’re never going to have to be anything more than just average and they’ll still be able to earn a six figure income.

Some experts even tell you that if you are above average you will not be a good fit for the network marketing industry. They say that the above average person can’t duplicate what the top income earners are doing.

This type of logic might be okay if your willing to get down and dirty, I’m mean really dirty and engage in the nasty art of chasing prospects down for the rest of your life. If been there and it’s not fun, my friends would avoid me like the plague and needless to say my social life was drying up very fast!

By following the notion of staying average you’ll never be able to attract anyone to you by remaining an average marketer.

Guess what people? We’re all beginners when we start out in this business, but our ultimate success is determined by how dedicated we are to developing ourselves.

So end it with this. Strive to be all you can be in this lifetime, somebody somewhere is counting your success to pull them out a rut when you become that prized leader for your business.

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