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Dealing with your ego is part of your spiritual growth. Use this spirituality information to understand where the ego hangs out so that you can gain more understanding about the ego and how to avoid its influence. Seek the influence of the ego’s counter-balancing force, your sacred self.

I hate to be redundant, but I love Albert Einstein for being such an enlightened messenger and what he had to say about how influential our thoughts are. Remember this? You can’t get any revolutionary ideas by thinking the same thoughts that you have been thinking. You have to change the way you are thinking and think different thoughts.

If it was important enough for Albert Einstein to think this way then, personally, that is good enough for me. In fact, changing my way of thinking and thinking different thoughts is how I got to a point in my life where I was able to sit down and write a book. Now that’s a revolutionary idea, isn’t it? Do you have a book inside you? Do you have a song in you that needs to get out and be heard? Do you have a passion in you that is trying to break through and reach the forefront of your thinking and desires?

Methinks that you do. There is a revolution that is going on inside you and you need to take some time to listen to yourself and nurture the voice that beckons you to reveal to yourself what you truly desire.

I am not speaking about what the talking heads on the television are telling you to desire. I am not speaking about what your parents told you to desire. I am not speaking about what Charlie, down at the neighborhood pub, told you to desire. I am speaking about what your inner guidance system is trying to reveal to you.

But let’s not be mistaken here because there are two heads to this inner voice that is trying to break through. One voice belongs to your ego and the other voice belongs to your sacred self.

Remember how we live in a universe of relativity? Remember how we learned that everything in this physical universe is in relationship to everything else? Well, that inner voice inside our heads is no different than anything else in this world of relativity.

At one end of the spectrum is our ego and at the other end is our sacred self. The ego is tied to the philosophy that we are separate from each other, separate from all other things in the universe and separate from God. The sacred self is tied to the philosophy that we are all one with each other, one with all things in the universe and one with God. Our lives exist between the margins.

The ego is part of the human make-up and will be with us whenever we dwell in the realm of the physical and live within this concept we know of as time because the ego only exists in our past memories or our future imaginings. The ego cannot exist in the present moment of now. That is where the spirit dwells. When we return to the realm of the absolute, everything reverts back to the love that is the core of our being and the ego disappears because we are once again in full knowledge that we are one with the source of all that exists and there is no concept such as time. There is only the present moment of now and the ego cannot exist in this environment.

Right now we are living in this physical universe, ergo the ego is very much a part of our make-up, but we must also remember that the sacred self is just as much a part of our beingness as the ego. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned so much by our society to listen to, and take the advice of, our ego that we don’t think about our sacred self too much.

The reason for this preponderance of ego-based thinking is that most people do not dwell in the present moment. We are conditioned to live in the past or the future. The more you are able to live in the present moment the more you will be able to lose the influence of the ego and listen to your sacred self, or spirit.

Author: Richard Blackstone

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