Mastering The Art Of Self Confidence In Business

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What does self confidence in business have to do with learning the ways of the samurai? Click and find out.

Ron Felber, president and CEO of Oakite Products, Inc. (Berkeley Heights, New jersey), sees a convergence in one’s mission in business with one’s mission in life. It is to gain true self confidence. He draws inspiration for this concept from The Book of Five Rings, a masterpiece of philosophy and military strategy written in 1643 by Master Samurai Miyamoto Musashi. This landmark work details various techniques about preparing for battle and mastering the art of advantage. According to Mr. Felber’s interpretation of the book, true understanding of yourself and the skills needed to perform your job or advance your career leads to confidence.

“Ki is who you are inside when no one is around: a blending of mind, heart and spirit. Ki is presence, power and passion. It represents a balance and harmony with nature that you must achieve to be successful,” Mr. Felber says. You can achieve this harmony by concentrating on what is truly important at this moment. “There are four basic pillars for success. If these are realized, your business will improve and goals can be achieved,” he adds. The pillars are:

Integrity: Identify who and what you are. Live by the codes you have established for yourself, and make certain your goals are founded on family, values and honor. Be true to your vision and to your purpose, and do not be distracted.

Self-Discipline: You must continuously practice your business skills and measure the effectiveness of your techniques. Integrity keeps you committed to your mission, and commitment keeps you disciplined.

Creativity: Be open-minded and listen to others. If you want to learn, surround yourself with teachers. Strive to create the kind of environment where ideas and possibilities burgeon and goals can be obtained.

Fearlessness: Make up your mind that fear will not prevent you from doing your job. Believe in yourself totally because you have invested heavily in making a better self.

“Finally, once you have mastered the virtues of integrity, discipline, creativity and fearlessness, live with passion,” advises Mr. Felber. “Live with a sense of urgency, for this is contagious and forges leadership.”

Source: “Mastering The Art Self Confidence In Business“. Modern Machine Shop. April 2000. 28 Aug. 2008.

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