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In this day and age, honesty and sincerity in the business world are as rare as the truth in tabloids. It seems that everyone is selling a product or a service; even when they swear upon everything they hold sacred – that they’re not. Some companies vow to turn you (an average Joe) into a seven-digit making stud. The trick? Signing up to their life-transforming program, paying monthly subscriptions, and watching the cash roll in by the bundles. Its as laughable as the late-night infomercials plastered over your television set promising to help you lose weight without altering your eating habits or hitting the gym. Do they really think were that incompetent?

The truth is, such business schemes (and to a large extent, business folk) do not want you to be successful. And Ill probably catch a lot of heat for saying that, because its hard to imagine that a Donald Trump doesnt want you to succeed in real estate (please note the sarcasm), but they really dont. If they did, wouldnt they tell you HOW they made their money and not why or when they made it? Im not too big on the stay positive, do what you love rhetoric because it can only take you so far. Simply put, tell me about the itty-gritty details of your trade. Moreover, rather than telling me how youve purchased your first condo, tell me about how you got your hands on the money to purchase the condo. How did you get the investors on your side? How did you go about acquiring the land permits? Where did you turn to? The city, the bank, or a private investor? How did you present the idea to them? Do you get my drift?

Let it be clear as day that entrepreneurship carries an unimaginable amount of stress. There are long periods of time where you will be putting in hours upon hours of work, only to find out that have pennies and bubblegum to show for it. On a related note, you should probably start praying that you have a considerate partner who understands why you’re constantly on your Blackberry rather than spending time with them. And as far as sleeping and eating normally goes – you can forget about it. Tylenol pills and a jar of coffee will become your best friend. You will be grumpy, grouchy, snappy, and under more pressure to perform than the American Olympic basketball team. Sounds like fun, dont it?

I bet nobody explained it to you like that. I bet they filled your head with a bucketload of positive thoughts; making you feel fuzzy and warm inside like you were stuck inside a prom-flashback from fifteen years ago. The business of showcasing successful business folk who say a lot but say nothing concrete is lucrative and profitable. The formula is as follows – find a successful business individual, write about what he does, and have him go off on a tangent about self-improvement and looking deep within yourself.

Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, if I wanted a lesson in Buddhism I wouldve made my way into the Religion/Spirituality aisle, not the business aisle. The reason why I picked up your book is because I am interested in becoming an investor not because I wanted a lesson in how to organize my desk to maximize my brain performance.

Does anybody else feel like this . . . or am I the only one?

Now there is nothing wrong with writing about self-improvement, but there is a time and place for it. I didnt major in labour studies to learn about geography, but to understand the different challenges facing workers. The same theory can be applied when picking up these self-proclaimed great business books that are about everything BUT business

Its time that we stand up and push aside the lucrative profit-making methodologies shoved down our throats. Its time we apply the 5 Ws until we get a clearly defined blueprint. If they are not willing to provide one – then we know exactly who we are dealing with. Does that sound like a reasonable suggestion?

Honesty and sincerity . . . lets have more of it people. Can I get a hear, hear?

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