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Are you a media sponge? Is the diversity of your personality made up of a regurgitation of one media influence after another. A bit of Hollywood, keeping up with the Joneses, needing to prove yourself, fit in, be more successful, retail therapy, beauty on the outside, nothing on the inside?

Does life suck, because on some deep level, you feel, lost, alienated, suffocated by the mundane matrix of what life is supposed to look like.

You know there is something more but you just dont know how to get there.

Ho hum! Break free from the sheep, pack mentality. Elevate your mind above the mass brain wash of modern day robot living. Take a journey into peace, serenity, freedom. Experience yourself and your inner world. Sit with your own thoughts and emotions. Be present to the subtle waves of perception that one hears when the scream of everyone elses insignificant opinion is turned down.

Elevate your mind with the ancient aroma of Frankincense, long revered for its use in the church for doing just that. It slows the functions of the body thus assisting meditation. Once more expensive than gold, this long time favorite will not disappoint in providing an experience free from the clutches of modern day, empty materialism.

Come meet yourself. Its the best gift you can give to yourself and the planet.

Author: Leith Masters
Source: http://twelvetribesincense.com

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