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When you ask a man what his greatest fear in life is, more than likely his immediate response will be “nothing.” Men are “socially programmed” to fear nothing and nobody. However, the truth is that men do fear something to an extent that they cant sleep at night over it. No, its not spiders nor is it toilet-crawling alligators, but a genuine fear of not being able to provide. Without venturing into an argument about natural make-up and social criteria, I will go on the record as saying that men are providers. A lion takes care of the pack because he is the king of the jungle, and men (ladies, beware, here comes the male bravado) aspiring to be Kings of the Concrete, take care of their pack. By pack I mean you- yes, you. There is nothing more frightening to him than having lint in his pocket, stuck without a job, feeling like a complete failure.

Some men judge themselves based on their height, others on their weight, some base their worth in the world on how many compliments they receive, but ALL men judge their worth through how much moola they have sitting in the bank. Perhaps it is superficial, maybe even ridiculous, but money not only makes the world go around; it defines a mans level of success. Most men will never admit it, but ladies, deep down where you seem to think feelings cease to exist, one feeling prevails –ambition.

Becoming financially secure is fueled by ambition. A man wants what he cant have, and since most of us arent born into a Gates family, we have to work hard to acquire wealth. A sense of manhood relies on a fat pocket, and boy oh boy, are we passionate about showcasing our manhood.

Ive spoken with men who tremble at the thought of being broke. They dont want the money to show off in a new Mercedes, or to buy a 3-level house for themselves, but desire the dollar because of what it symbolizes – power.

Ah, another important factor in a mans life. Power. Julius Caesar had it, Napoleon had it, Michael Corleone had it, and you can bet your last pair of shoes, every modern man wants it. What is it about power that entices a man? Go to a crafty little online website called Amazon.com and buy yourself a copy of Niccolo Machiavellis, The Prince. Read it, and youll soon begin to understand that power is a natural desire.

So ladies, the next time you turn towards your man (be it a boyfriend or a husband) and ask him, “baby what’s on your mind?” Know that fear, ambition, and power are swimming through his brain fluid faster than Michael Phelps.

There, I’ve just saved you 10 dollars on your Cosmo magazine purchase.

Written By: B.P
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