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Throughout high school, you are segregated (and to an extent insulted) in more ways than one. Sure, there is the smokers corner you arent allowed to participate in primarily because you dont smoke. There is also the Rich Kids Living Off Daddys Money United club that segregates you with their laughter when they see you pull up in anything other than a Mercedes, but what about the teachers that segregate you based on your academic standing? You see there is a little system in place that labels children as university worthy or college ready. In retrospect, there are high school classes designed for the academic and the non-academic. For example, an academic math class is harder than a non-academic one only because the former prepares you for university (oh-la-la) while the later prepares you for college (I hear a yawn). Have you ever asked yourself, whats with the bias against our well-funded and well-rounded colleges? I have.

Myth Number 1 – University will land you a job quicker.
Yeah, right, and Bill Clinton did not have sexual relations with that woman. Not only is this an insult to anybody whos completed university, but its a blatant lie. There is a program in place (in most colleges across Canada) that lands you a placement in your final year. If your place of work likes what they see, theyll keep you. Simple as that. As a matter of fact, upon completion most college graduates find employment within the first couple of months.

Myth Number 2- College is for the less intelligent
Oh, and I suppose that the girl in my third year political science university class, who asked if the Adriatic was a city in Bulgaria, is a modern Einstein. There are certain social stigmas one cannot escape, and one of them happens to be that university is more prestigious than college. But heres the good news you shouldnt attempt to escape it. The fact is, there are as many incompetent university students as there are college students. There is also a higher percentage of college students who land a job than university students majoring in the same field. After all, isnt that all what its all about finding a job? Or is there some other hidden gem behind it all that I havent yet discovered?

Oh wait, there is, knowledge. I suppose the redundancy of essay writing (and nothing but essay writing) somehow makes you extremely intelligent. So much so, that the D plus university students handing in recycled essays, are our future politicians, sociologists, and psychologists. Let us rid ourselves of the ignorance and understand than an intelligent student is an intelligent student, no matter if he/she is in college or in university. Where university is more theoretical, college is more practical. That is the only difference I will accept.

So for all you college graduates (or future college graduates) please let your voices be heard. Say it proudly – I am a college student.

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