How to choose the “Right” watch

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The first question you should be asking yourself is “What do I want my new watch for?” Is it for dress? For everyday, assuming that’s not the same as dress? For specific sports, such as running or diving? The fewer watches you plan to buy, the harder it is to answer this question. If you are going to have only one, it better be a fairly plain sports model, because a heavy sports watch with a prominent bezel looks silly with a suit, and a gold watch with a black crocodile strap looks even dumber when worn with shorts and sandals. (Well, some of us look dumb in shorts and sandals no matter what the watch!)

But, if you’re going to have several watches, the question becomes “What do I want this new watch for?” and that’s much easier to deal with.

Here are some broad categories of watch styles.

Dress. The basic rule is that it is gold, plain, and thin, but there’s some leeway. A rotating bezel, or any bezel with markings on it, is out. The dial and hands are less important, but avoid thick markings and hands with lots of tritium. It’s hard to find a chronograph that works as a dress watch, although they do exist, so, unless you really need it to act as a stop watch, you should skip that feature. If the watch is gold, get it on a strap. The watch will look better and be much cheaper.

Designer. This category is hard to describe. They’re designed by someone with a world-wide reputation, and the designer’s name is publicized. Often watches in this group look fairly unusual, but not always–Venturas look pretty conventional.

Sports. These watches are usually large, often have bezels with prominent markings, are water-resistant to some degree, and nearly always have thick, luminous hands and markings. They’re meant to look rugged, and most of them are. Two important sub-categories are Diver and Pilot. All modern Diver watches are inspired by the Rolex Submariner, and all Pilot watches by the IWC Mark XII (or earlier). (Diver is a style of watch, but not necessarily an appropriate use for one.You’ll want to think twice before taking an expensive watch diving. It might get banged up and its water seal may fail. It might be more practical to use an inexpensive quartz watch or a diving computer. Taking a pilot watch up in the air is perfectly OK, however.)

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