How to Find Work That You Love A Logical Guide.

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So uhh how do I find a job that I love? Talk about money long enough, and the question inevitably comes up. And it should.Most of us spend 60-80% of our waking hours doing something work-related. If you dont enjoy that work, then it means youre unhappy 60-80% of the time. Logical, right?

It would also make sense that the quickest way to improve your happiness would be to improve your enjoyment of the thing you spend the most time doing. Since thats work, you wonder if you couldnt find something better.

But the question is, How?

Heres what I think: the answer is in the title of this post.

Lets break it down, starting at the end of the title and working our way back to the beginning.

Step One: Define Love

The word love describes a huge variety of emotions. What does it mean to you?

Most people just think theyll know it when they find it, but I think thats wrong. Youll find it when you know it, not the other way around.

Take some time and figure out exactly what you mean when you say love. Envision it. That way, youll at least know what youre looking for.

Step Two: Define You

Its funny what happens when you try to define a word like love. You start thinking about yourself.

Who are you right now?
Who do you want to be?
What do you really want?
Can you really have it?
Do you really deserve it?
Finding happiness is more about self-discovery than career advice, and self-discovery usually starts with hard questions. If you want a meaningful career, find the courage to ask them.

Step Three: Define Work

Once you know who you are and what you want, you can start tackling concepts like work. For most people, work and happiness dont really go together. Work means:

Being ticked off at your boss
Doing stuff you dont enjoy
A never-ending competition
Dealing with bureaucracy
Fighting to be noticed
If you want work that you love, then youll have to change your conception of work. You might even want to remove the word from your vocabulary entirely.

Personally, I divide actions into two categories: those moving me toward my objectives and those NOT moving me toward my objectives. I try to always do the former and never do the latter.

Ever since, Ive never had a problem finding the motivation to work. Isnt that interesting?

Step Four: Define Find

The act of finding normally involves the act of searching. So, if you want to find a job you love, you have to commit yourself to searching for it. That means:

Reading about other jobs and professions
Asking people what their work is like
Keeping an eye out for interesting opportunities
Updating your rsum
Applying for jobs and going on interviews
Think of yourself like a detective, methodically searching for a missing person. You dont just wait for them to appear out of nowhere. You have to go looking for them.

Step Five: Define How

Heres the big question: once you find a job that looks like one youd love, how do you go about getting it? You might need to:

Pay for some specialized training
Build your reputation as an expert
Network with influencers in industry
Get some relevant work experience
Actually apply for the job
Whatever it requires, do it. If you get turned down, just keep asking until you either find out why and fix the problem or they hire you because of your persistence. Remember, youre either moving closer, or youre not.

How to Find Work That You Love

Didnt I tell you the answer was in the title? If you look carefully, weve worked through every content word in the sentence, starting with love and ending with how.

You can approach most problems this way. Just break them down, figure out what all of the words mean, and youll automatically start to understand what to do.

The one thing Ill add is, you might need to go through this process several times. Youll start your dream job, find out you dont like it as much as you thought, and then move onto the next one.

Im going through that process for the fourth time in nine years. Every time, I get a little closer, enjoying my work a little more.

And know what? Its worth it.


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