Finish that rep and stay motivated in the gym

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One of the fundamental problems most people that start bodybuilding and workout ultimately face is the attempt to keep motivated. Let’s face it, for some people going to the gym isn’t exactly the most exciting thing possible – so how do you remain motivated? Well, here are a few tips I recommend:

Tell all your friends – Telling all your friends that you’re going to the gym on a regular basis and that you plan to gain muscle mass, essentially this places you under pressure. Whereby, the next time you see said friend, you may find yourself being asked whether you’ve been to the gym recently – if you haven’t it may result in an awkward social situation. In addition to this, if you’re telling your friends that you’re going to the gym, they’ll be more susceptible to noticing positive changes in your body. This will effectively encourage you to achieve more.

Make friends at the gym – There is nothing worse than going to the gym by yourself and not having anybody to talk too. Also, if you have a regular gym-buddy that you get along with well, going to the gym will give you the opportunity to catch-up and chat with this person. The gym will give you the perfect excuse to do this.

Set goals – set yourself achievable goals, e.g. “by the end of this month I would like to be able to bench an extra 25 pounds” Whenever you achieve one of these goals, you’ll feel a sense of achievement and therefore you want to do more!

To conclude; following these three simple, little tips you should be able to remain motivated to achieve your goals. However, you may find something that works perfectly for you, well that’s perfectly find. If it works, I strongly advise you to use it to your advantage.

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