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Twenty-eight year old Web Entrepreneur, John P. Ruf, is launching MyTimelineOnline ( ) aimed at helping internet users share their life story in timeline format. Users can create timeline entries for their eyes only, for friends and family, or for the world to see. These entries show up in a Java applet designed by MIT that allows for quick navigation of personal timelines.

Kansas City, MO – August 5, 2008 – MyTimelineOnline ( ) came to John P. Ruf when he was stuck in rush hour traffic over a year ago. The concept was an online site where users could share their collective experiences with the world. MyTimelineOnline features a control originally designed by MIT and converted to .NET by Rob Chartier. The timeline view allows users to quickly navigate several years’ worth of postings to explore what events occurred in their own life or the lives of others. By overlaying another timeline with their own they can see how their lives intertwine. This also allows users to quickly see how events relate chronologically.

“Our mantra at MyTimelineOnline is, ‘Everyone has a story to share…’ I am a firm believer everyone has much to learn from the experiences of others. My biggest fear is that the memories of our elderly population will pass away without ever being recorded in a way that can be shared for generations to come,” says John. “MyTimelineOnline allows people all over the world to create their own autobiography and share it with friends and family.”

About MyTimelineOnline

MyTimelineOnline is a unique blogging website featuring advanced controls that allow users to document their life, or the life of a loved one, to share within their social network. Some possible uses for MyTimelineOnline are to create an autobiography, document the history of a company, or to plan future events.

Source: John P. Ruf
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