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Timothy Eccles

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Timothy Eccles is a serial entrepreneur poised to provide Toronto’s corporate culture with flare and entertainment. Following a successful tenure at one of Canada’s premier financial institutions, Timothy dumped his nine-to-five lifestyle and immediately began chasing his dreams. His first endeavour, Toronto is Mine Enterprises, operates primarily as a business consulting firm that also has a separate interactive website that provides career advice, motivational quotes, fashion trends and news on seminars and events across Toronto. He then co-founded Oui Self Made Inc, an independent record label that specializes in licensing and publishing, brand management, marketing campaigns, video direction and production, record production and artist management. The company’s roster currently boasts three acts, Blake Carrington (Recording Artist), Ric Notes (Producer) and Bobby Fresh (Director, LXXXVIII Films), all of which are developing a local and international core following. To further display his knack for entertainment, Timothy then co-founded Deyvinci Arts and Entertainment, a firm specializing in producing socially responsible television content, video campaigns, as well as short & feature films. Most recently, he has founded a sports management agency which represents Sherton Sanderson, a professional basketball player with experience in Canada and the United States. In between sleepless nights, and operations across North America, Timothy also spends time deejaying and offering business advice to his peers. In summary, this guy is a hustler!


In five bullet points or less, describe your typical day and/or routine.
  • Since my days never really end, they always start off with a business call from a different time zone usually with respects to some business that I am doing in a different country
  • I then right away action the most important or urgent emails that were sent to me within the past 5hrs, and then continue to action e-mails throughout the day while on the go
  • Meetings, meetings and MORE meetings, and conference calls galore
  • It depends on what country I am in, if I am at home base in Toronto or in L.A or wherever there is always an event in the evening/night that I will usually have to attend to show support for a cause, a colleague or a business partner
  • Then late night once everyone is asleep and my phone isn’t ringing as frequently, I catch up on the days current events & news stories, anywhere from finance to fashion to music to gadgets, to sports etc, I have to stay on top of pretty much every industry because all of my businesses have something to do with all of these different industries
When did you realize that Biz Development & Entertainment was something you wanted to pursue?
I have always been blessed and had the opportunities present themselves to allow me pursue what I really wanted to, and what I was good at. I started my first businesses while in high school (I use to deejay school dances & all ages clubs, and I also used to be the kingpin “music provider” to many high schools in the east side of Toronto lol) and I was also an IT guy, so I built and fixed computers for people as well. Right after I graduated high school I founded a record label & management company and did the college thing at the same time…I have always known living your dreams were possible, but I knew it came at a heavy price, non-stop hard work, sleeping 3 hrs MAX a day and always just going & going. Right after college I wanted to try my hand at the corporate world and simultaneously running my music label, so I was blessed enough to get a job as a Risk Analyst at one of the big financial institutions in Canada, but while seeing the bureaucracy & the big picture after many years and few different business detours, I vowed to always live my dreams and build something so large so that I could provide the opportunity to everyone that I care about which are my family & friends to be able to live their dreams as well.
What are some of your career highlights?
There are many to be honest, but these are also not even the highlights in my opinion the real highlights haven’t even really occurred yet. But the ones that come to mind are actually when I am able to see my business partner & music artist Blake Carrington on TV either in an interview or when a music video that we have created is aired, where it could be TV in Canada like Much Music, or it could be when he is on MTV or BET, just knowing that I am a part of that journey & legacy with him. Other highlights is whenever I am recognized as a successful or well respected business man period, that always is a highlight for me, because I am still fairly young but have a lot of unique business experiences, and have met some influential & powerful people that have helped me build this reputation that is still growing. Another very important one for me is when people let me know that they have learned something from me & that has helped to grow their business and lead them closer to living their dreams, that always gives me great satisfaction that what I am doing is contributing to a lot of people in a positive way.
What keeps you motivated and inspired?
My love for the “hustle”, the taste of the small and large successes, my family & friends, and my business partners. That’s the light answer, the heavy answer is every day I thrive off of actually not knowing how the day is going to turn out, because every call, every encounter, every email, every meeting literally presents a new opportunity to continue to grow this empire of companies that we are building. The larger we get and the closer we get to our milestones motivates me to set new milestones to accomplish, which in turn inspires me to do things that haven’t been done before, and inspires me to keep going and discovering new things to constantly evolve myself as a person and evolve my businesses & not being afraid to dabble in a realm that I haven’t experienced yet.
How do you stay ahead of the curve?
The thirst for knowledge…Never ending learning, it is the school of life every day. I always have to learn something new and then be able to apply it to my life right way. I make sure that I stay on TOP of everything as much as I can so I read a lot. It is primarily when I am on the go and in between meetings or in traffic; I am always reading something that adds value… Also being proactive and always aiming to be a visionary and a trendsetter. Also, the people that I have around me, my team most importantly helps to keep us ahead of the curve in whatever we are doing. I won’t say that we are all similar but I will say that we all have niche talents that we feed off of to remain ahead of the curve.
What is the biggest obstacle you have encountered and how did you overcome it?
Having to close down my first music label, having to re-focus and figure out what I wanted to do & where to go next, deciding to climb the corporate ladder in the non-traditional way, and then founding a new company in an entirely new industry that I was unfamiliar with at first & growing that business on the side, and then finally deciding to leave a successful corporate career & the security after accomplishing so much at a young age to embark on the journey that I am on now to actually start from scratch to build all of these companies that I have now from the ground up, which is actually very exciting, and is actually a never ending obstacle in some shape or form. I actually think that I have an “overcoming obstacle” fetish…
What are some of your hobbies? What do you do to relax?
I don’t really have much time for anything else but running my businesses and getting involved in new ventures, so my hobby is probably business. Hahaha but also Music, music and more music. I love to deejay in my spare time; this is something that I have always done since I was a teenager to calm my nerves and to release any negative energy that has come into my life for whatever reason. I am also into unique cars, fashion, art, tattoo culture and technology quite heavily. I also happen to be a HUGE sneaker collector/connoisseur and have been for about 16 or 17 yrs. The best thing to do to relax is quality time with the ones that mean the most to me, because when you come over to this side (entrepreneurship) you actually appreciate family & friends so much more because whether they know it or not they are also a part of this exciting journey entirely & are most times the reason why living your dream is even possible.
What advice would you give to those chasing a dream?
JUST DO IT! Don’t chase it, but actually CATCH IT! & DO NOT look back. But be prepared for non-stop hard work and sacrifice, but the hard work and sacrifice shouldn’t feel as such, because you are now chasing your dreams and doing what you absolutely love to do, which is a blessing any way you look at it. Make sure that you have people around you and a part of your team that keep you grounded, that keep you motivated, that keep you hustling and that keep you an innovator at all costs. Most times, actually NEVER will you be able to achieve your dreams without the help of great people (and most times it will be indirect & they won’t even know it), whether it be people directly on your team or someone that acts as a mentor along your journey, but you will never be able to reach your dreams all alone.


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