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Toronto Is Mine - A Hustler State Of Mind

Toronto Is Mine – A Hustler State Of Mind

My good friend Boris over at In The Pursuit Of Financial Freedom has written a very insightful article on “The Hustler State Of Mind”, below are some excerpts from his article.

“Good things have always happened to me when I got into my hustler state of mind.  Always.  My hunger intensified,  my creativity doubled,  and my focus was uncanny.   As a result,  business opportunities and money rolled in.  Things just felt right.  Conversations would flow easily,  handshakes and smiles all around. There is a certain energy flowing through your body.  That energy is your hustler state of mind and it’s important to know how to tap into it.   Here are 3 ways to do it…”

“A hustler doesn’t have time for self doubt because self doubt produces fear.  Fear paralyses.”

“Money makes money and a hustler understands the importance of income diversification.  Depending solely on your 9-5 and getting fired is bound to cause panic.   What are you going to do then?”

“They don’t care about a recession because they believe in their abilities to make money no matter the economical situation.”

Read the full article over at: In The Pursuit Of Financial Freedom

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