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One of the traits of most successful entrepreneurs and investors is a willingness to take risk. If you want to be successful you have to take risk. You don’t blindly throw your cards on the table, but once the research is done and the risk is examined, if it feels right intuitively, jump in.

I use my intuition navigate through risk and see the reward in the other side. The reward is usually greater than the risk.

You would be surprised that whenever you set out to really do something, you usually do it, no matter how much risk is involved. Don’t freak yourself our though, take on what intuitively is comfortable for you.

Even if you fail, you will learn more in the process than you would if you were too scared to do anything. An unwillingness to take risk is why so few people are rich.

They are too scared to be. People don’t take risk because they are:
* Afraid to lose
* Afraid to try
* Focused on their past failures and difficulties
* Simply think they can’t
* Easily influenced by the opinions of others

Whenever I pass by a mansion I don’t think “gee It must be nice to have such a big house?” I only see one thing, someone who took a lot of risk, played to win, and is now living in one of the end results of their actions.

So many people focus on “how” they are going to do something, when they should just take the first step toward their goal to get the ball rolling. Do you think that Tiger Woods enters the U.S. Open knowing exactly where he is going to hit each shot and what his score will be each day?

No, he steps on the first tee takes it one shot at a time and deals with whatever the golf course gives him that day. Nothing takes him out of focus.

People like Tiger Woods have an unbelievable amount of confidence in their ability to judge when and what risks to take and in their ability to do whatever it is they set out to do. They develop this skill through experience.

Tiger Woods knows when to try to take advantage and when to sit back. He also has a lot of skill to help him, which he acquired through:
* Tons of practice
* Failure
* Self-discipline
* Persistence
* Dedication
* Vision
* Focus on a specific goal
* Using coaches

Even Tiger Woods needs professional guidance from time to time so don’t be afraid to ask others for advice. But make sure you ask or listen to the right people.

You need to always hold positive images of yourself and your future in your mind if you want your goals to come true, even if they aren’t that particular day.

Another very important trait of successful entrepreneurs is that they very seldom follow the herd at anything. What I mean by that is they think for themselves and never follow the large crowd of people. The masses are not wealthy and successful, only a small percentage of people are.

If you want to be successful you need to:
* Never follow the masses
* Get to the opportunity before the crowd
* When the crowd comes, go on to the next thing.

Take the current state of the real estate market as an example. The market started to really take off in the early 2000’s so all the sudden all of the amateur investors and people who owned homes tried to cash in on the real estate boom. The market became flooded with overpriced houses, and people trying to jump on the real estate “Flip that house” bandwagon too late.

Many amateurs have been foreclosed upon and many people are stuck with high mortgage payments for houses they can’t afford. One basic principle of successful real estate investing is to buy whenever everyone else is selling or sell when everyone else is buying. In other words, do the opposite of what the majority of people do.

Be a professional entrepreneur and don’t follow the herd. Set high goals, and start a business that is built around what you love to do.

Do you research to assess risk, but when your gut is screaming at you to do it, even though you are scared and unsure, don’t hesitate and do it. You will figure it out. With these tips I wish you the best of success…

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