The Only Way to Be Remembered With Your Business

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"Toronto Is Mine - Leave Your Mark"One of the best ways to ever build success in business is to pass it forward to others. Many people don’t understand the power of giving and what impact that makes with your business. The more you are involved in philanthropic and tithing then the better your business will become.

First of all it will help you to understand that you don’t have to be a miser with your money. When you become a miser with your money then it creates a scarcity mentality and you hold money back from spending it on things that will help your business to grow. You are more willing to cut away parts of your business instead of adding the right parts to your business.

It also inspires you to create more avenues of wealth that you did not have before and that will allow you to be more proactive and financially more lucrative in the end. If you protect your assets then you might protect yourself out of your future success. A strong business is based on evolving and giving of what you have so others can do the same.

This principle is special because as you give so shall you receive from others in your industries, you will find people more willing to network with you, and bounce ideas off of you because they respect the value that you have to offer and admire it. There is nothing wrong for you to do the same and find those that have the same mindset. You will be amazed at how easy it is to levitate to those that have similar beliefs.

This is also the type of lifestyle that will define people. I have seen a lot of stories lately on life and death. I found it kind of spooky, but at the same time it has allowed for me to think about my own purpose and meaning.

There will come a day when you will die and those that know of you will die too. You will be nothing but a memory. When you get closer and closer it will be evident to ask yourself what difference did I make if any?

Decide how you want your life to be remembered and what you want people to know you for in the history books. Your actions will not be forgotten, no matter how much money you made. Decide now how you will share the talents you have been blessed with…

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